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天空都是血紅色 09:03 Roblox可怕的香蕉 我被變異的大香蕉一口給吞了 阿波兔屌德斯 12:29 Roblox逃離SCP研究所,遇到SCP 火男,我和SCP怪物組隊一起出逃? …

ROBLOX基金會任務,咯咯多解說 02:05 ROBLOX模擬器,Roblox Scp 610 | How To Get Free Robux Without Any Offers
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Clearance Levels
SCP Card Given to all SCPs who have the SCP gamepass or by other means like a 610 Infection. A Level 4 card that cannot open other SCP doors. Staff Card Given to Staff which are Moderators, Developers, and, Creators of the Game. Gives access to

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SCP-610 is a contagious disease that affects the victim’s skin, making them grow large amounts of infectious scar tissue and eventually causing death. Once fully infected, the disease turns the victim into a creature actively seeking out new people to infect or staying put and transforming their surroundings into hellish structures.


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Observation of SCP-610 infected settlements has been established using artificial methods such as remote robots. The data returned from these observations coupled with the openly aggressive nature of the infected to attempt to spread SCP-610 has resulted in the Keter classification, however so long as nothing is allowed to enter or leave the infected areas it is considered a neutralized threat.
SCP-008 is one of the removed SCPsin rBreach. It was replaced by SCP-610 with similar characteristics. 1 Description 2 In-Game 3 Revamp Info 4 Notes SCP-008 is a complex prion that has a 100% mortality rate, 100% infection rate, and transmitted through exposed mucous membranes and all bodily fluids (Note that it is not airborne or waterborne). Currently, SCP-500 is the only known cure for SCP
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SCP Foundation, L-2 application, RE-DONE.
Fourth/Last SCP-610: SCP-610 is a creature “living” in southern Siberia. It appears to be a contagious skin disease with symptoms as of: rash, itching and increased skin sensitivity. There isn’ t much known about SCP- 610 , many documents / files about SCP- 610 are classified.
Site Command
1 Overview 2 How to become a SiC personnel 3 Promotions 4 Roles / Purposes 5 Pros and Cons Site Command is headed directly by the O5 Command and the Administrator. It directs the Foundation’s actions on all levels. This department includes all communication nodes and command centers; every such node and center has a standby for failure redundancy. The jurisdiction of SiC also include whole

【狗肉制作】roblox的SCP模式【萌新035】_嗶哩嗶哩 ( …

SCP基金會 SCP-610 The Flesh that Hates 憎恨之血肉 小蔡先生25 3.9萬 播放 · 109 彈幕 【SCP基金會】SCP-187 -未來視 【嗨爪】《Roblox》scp模式 和九尾狐小隊去SCP基金會查水表,潛入scp收容所遭遇610 襲擊,偶遇682 大爺遛彎,SCP-682不滅蜥蜴來臨時,H-ydra 1949 播放 · 1 彈幕 展開 春節限時獎勵
SCP-280 is an SCP that can spawn in Containment Breach, Council Rescue and Who you Gonna call rounds. 1 Description 2 Abilities 3 Notes 4 Gallery SCP-280 is a humanoid entity that appears to be made of shadow, with red eyes, no legs, and a black fire-like trail eroding off of it. It has the ability to lunge, causing it to move at high speed for a short period of time. MTF Mu-13 (“Ghostbusters
1 Description 1.1 Fighter SCPs 1.2 Idle SCPs 2 SCP “Roles” 2.1 Protectors 2.2 Producers 2.3 Hunters 2.4 Flankers 2.4.1 Game Mode SCPS 2.4.2 Admin/Mod/Developer SCPS SCPs are anomalous objects which terrorize the facility. They often have high health and fast movement speed. SCPs which can be played as. SCP-008-2 SCP-049 SCP-049-2 SCP-076-2 SCP-096 SCP-106 SCP-173 SCP-323 SCP-457 SCP-745 SCP
SCP-352, otherwise known as Baba Yaga, is a Keter class SCP of the SCP Foundation. SCP-352 was found in southern Russia, and, with any SCP special caution is to be taken when handling this creature. 1 Background and Capture 2 Behavior 3 Trivia 4 References 5 Navigation SCP-352 is a humanoid creature that resembles an elderly woman. SCP-352 is an aggressive, dangerous and violent predator that
 · Info Object Class Keter Animate? Yes Harmful? Yes SCP Link SCP-035 Containment Chamber SCP-035, referred to as the “Possessive Mask”, is a harmful SCP object that can be found in SCP – Containment Breach. 1 Description 2 In-game 3 Quotes 4 Gallery SCP-035 appears to be a white porcelain comedy mask, although, at times, it will change to tragedy. In these events, all existing …
SCP-220’s emotional distress was observed to exacerbate its anomalous effect on D-9120, who became rapidly disoriented, forgetting her objective. D-9002 was instructed to retrieve D-9120 from the containment site, and was indisposed by these symptoms at a notably slower rate.