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RGP Lenses Quick Guide
Should you want to fit a lens design that is not listed in this guide, please contact our Customer Services team for confirmation that we can produce the design for you. Please refer to our latest price list for pricing on the various RGP options available.

A Complete Guide to Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

One disadvantage is the size of a gas permeable contact lens compared to a soft lens. Most GP lenses are much smaller and are designed to move on the eye with each blink. This increases the risk of dust particles or other debris getting underneath the lens and causing discomfort or possible abrasions to the cornea , although this is less of a problem with modern designs.

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Table 2: Fitting characteristics of different RGP contact lens fits Figure 3: Fluorescein picture with overlaid central, mid-peripheral and edge zones, graded for fluorescein intensity on a +2 to −2 scale along the principal meridians according to the RGP Consensus Group. 11 On this scale +2 refers to areas of pooling where the fit is too steep, 0 is alignment and -2 refers to areas of touch
Hard contact lenses
Specialised RGP lenses are fitted by an advanced contact lens practitioner who sees corneal disease patients regularly. At The Eye Practice, we see irregular corneas day in, day out. Make an appointment online or call us today on (02) 9290 1899 and experience The Eye Practice difference.


 · PDF 檔案PROFESSIONAL FITTING AND INFORMATION GUIDE FOR DAILY WEAR CORNEAL, SEMI-SCLERAL AND SCLERAL LENSES Acuity 100 (hexafocon A) Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses CAUTION: Federal (U.S.A) law restricts this device to sale by or
Keratoconus and contact lenses
RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) Contact Lenses These lenses (also known as hard contact lenses) are not as flexible as soft lenses. They are usually used to correct the greater amounts of astigmatism or corneal irregularities present in keratoconus, giving better vision than either glasses or soft contact lenses.
Do You Follow These Fitting Principles?
These fitting guides often provide unique insights into the products that contact lens fitters uncover during beta testing, which can save significant chair time during the fitting process. With this information at our disposal, we must decide when to use these guides to help us with our fits and when to rely on the common practices learned in school and in the clinic.


 · PDF 檔案contact angle equates to good lens surface wetting. The standard test methods for measuring the contact angle of contact lens materials are defined in ANSI Z80.20-2004 as the sessile drop method and the captive bubble method.
CALCULENS.com is an on line tool to support Contact Lens Practitioner in contact lenses fitting procedure. This tool helps during the fitting procedure of soft and gas permeable contact lenses (spherical and toric) even in cases of irregular cornea due to keratoconus, because with CALCULENS.com is simple to know the first diagnostic lens parameters, reducing practitioner chair …

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Contact Lens Calculator

Purpose: This tool allows you to calculate powers for a variety of contact lens options. Instructions: Enter the power of your contact lens in the first box. This can be done in plus or minus cyl: eg) -10.00-3.00×90 eg) -13.00+3.00×180 Enter your keratometry in the


 · PDF 檔案Please contact the laboratory to discuss the fitting of Toric Periphery, back Surface Toric, Bi-Toric, Graft and Keratoconus lenses. RGP SPHERICAL LENS FITTING GUIDE The content of this booklet is correct at the time of print, August 2018. F1074-01 8/27
Contact Lens Fitting: Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses
This is part 3 of a 3-part video series titled “Basic Principles of Contact Lens Fitting,” which discusses the principles behind contact lens selection and fitting. Soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are discussed, including the properties of spherical and aspheric lenses, the use of diagnostic lenses, and indications and contraindications for various lens types.

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Blink induced lens movement should show downward lens movement with the lid motion (average # mm.) and then upward with the lid motion (average # mm.) as with a regular RGP contact lens.

SynergEyes® PS Fitting Guide and Tips for Achieving Success

 · PDF 檔案Fitting Guide Specifically designed for patients with oblate corneas resulting from refractive surgery, corneal trauma or degenerative conditions, including penetrating keratoplasty and/or Intacs® for keratoconus. FIGURE 1 Mean K of central 6mm cornea FIGURE 2
UltraVision CLPL
ALK The ALK RGP contact lens system has been developed with Alex Levit BSc FCO ptom.This is a Keratoconus system that uses a relatively small (24 lens) trial set. This system uses a method of assessing the stage of advancement of the developing cone and