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A Guide to Chilling Your Red Wine
 · There’s no rule that says you can’t drink your red wine chilled to its tannic bones at refrigerator temperature (around 40°F), or that room-temperature red isn’t perfectly fine — even if it is summer and you don’t have AC. That said, there is an ideal temperature to drink your red, and for most that’s cellar temperature, or around 55°F to 60°F. At that temperature, your red will
Why you should chill your red wine
Sommelier and wholesale wine distributor, Mira Arocha from Secret Cellar, says red wine – no matter the variety – should not be drunk or stored above 24 C. “But even 24 °C is really hot.

Is it wrong to drink red wine chilled? : wine

Wine is a very personal experience. A chilled wine will have it’s bouquet “locked up” or closed to a degree. A warmer wine will be heavy on the intoxicants on the nose. There is a sweet spot in there somewhere, and it’s unique to everyone. As others have

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Why red wine is not served chilled? Red wine should be in the range of 55 F–65 F. Fuller-bodied, tannic wines like Bordeaux and Napa Cabernet Sauvignon taste better warmer, so keep them to 45 minutes in the fridge. Red wine that’s too cold tastes dull, but
Why Drinking Chilled Red Wine Is Not Trashy
No, Chilled Red Wine Is Not Trashy — It’s Classy! Here’s Why Note: Putting ice cubes in your Franzia is still kinda trashy, though. By Danielle St. Pierre Jul 29, 2017 If you thought red wine was only meant to be served at room temperature or sipped during
8 Ways to Chill Red Wine, Correctly
A lot of wine shops have wine chillers that can quickly cool down a bottle of white wine. But they can chill a red, too. I’m not a huge fan because the temperature change is extreme and therefore

Chilled or Not?

 · Red wine, some will say, is best served at room temperature. What many fail to explain is that ‘room temperature’ applies to the euro-version not the local version. Room temperature around these parts is about 72 F. Room temperature in lots of parts of Europe

Should Manischewitz wine be refrigerated after opening?

Wine is most vulnerable once it’s been opened and exposed to air. Refrigeration is largely irrelevant. White wine in particular will oxidize quickly once opened and is best drunk within 24 hours, even if kept chilled. Red wine can sit on the counter, re-closed, for
It’s cool to enjoy red wine chilled during summer
Some grape varieties can be better served cold, experts claim
Guide to Sweet Wines for Beginners
Though sweet red wines have gotten a bad reputation for tasting cheap, or simply not made well. There are a few options among reds that can change its bad wrap simply by a few tastes. Though you are a beginner at the sweet wine world, it may take a soft

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Storing Open Red Wine It’s rare that I can’t polish off an open bottle of wine. The thought of abandoning the delicious nectar of gods and letting it go to waste is a tragedy beyond compare. However, sometimes I’m left with no choice but to store wine for later.

A Guide to Chilled Red Wine

Red wine and red meat might be natural partners, but an icy beer is still the standard drink of choice at the classic Australian barbeque. For your next cook-up try a chilled bottle of Cienna – like beer, Cienna makes a casual complement to lamb, sausages, grilled …

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 · Which red wine should we turn to? A wine will be stronger when served at 18 C. But some will be much better at cellar temperature, between 10 and 13 degrees! When choosing a red wine to be drunk chilled, there is a principle to know: the lower the alcohol content, and the lighter the tannins, the better the wine will taste well chilled!
Why You Should Chill Red Wine
Chilling your red wines may seem sacrilegious to some, and downright odd to others. But serving a chilled red during the hot, humid summer will gain you nothing but admiration from wine novices
Wine Review: Chilled reds
Wine Review: Chilled reds Just chill! Reds don’t have to be room temperature. By Susy Atkins 18 May 2012 • 07:00 am From left: Marks & Spencer Beaujolais Lantignié 2010, Tesco Finest Teroldego
Chilled Red Wine
ALL red wine should be chilled. Not “fridge cold” for goodness sake, but chilled. The idea that red should be “room temperature” comes from the Feudal Ages when castle basements was their idea of “room temperature”. April 21, 2017 reply Jean Taylor