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付款成功後 7 個工作天內送達(不含週六日)。 3送貨方式,,下面穿著一條故意做舊的黑色牛仔褲,日本動畫《K》及其衍生作品中的角色。伏見猿比古的父親。頭發梳向一側,exhentai特殊標簽,』がより使いやすくアップデート,e-hentai中文版,Musicはリズムゲームアプリとしてコンテンツをお楽しみいただけます,Gehört Niki Fushimi zu K Project? (Anime. Bilder. Charakter)



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Niki Fushimi (伏見 仁希, Fushimi Niki) Father of Saruhiko Fushimi. Highly intelligent, but he never did anything useful with his life. He was mentally and psychologically abusive over his son. Later he got ill and died. He appears in the Lost Small World novel and

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Cosplay: @quantum-cat-city as Fushimi Niki (It’s been two years…I finally did some Niki shoots.) fushimi niki k project quanhtum cosplay cosplay k project cosplay 16 notes View post 4 May, 2020 “Because you have a heart” Summary: “One day…maybe I’ll

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The Fushimi AF Registry provides a unique snapshot of current AF management in an urban community in Japan. The present study reveals inappropriate use of OAC for patients with AF, indicating discordance between guideline recommendations and real-world
伏見 弓弦
Yoshihiko Aramaki
Yoshihiko Aramaki (荒牧 慶彥, Aramaki Yoshihiko, born February 5, 1990) is a Japanese actor and voice actor who has portrayed characters for stage, films, television and video games.
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Niki Shiina/Appellations
· Niki-san (ニキさん) Yuzuru Fushimi Chiaki Morisawa · Shiina (椎名) · Morisawa-kun (守沢くん) Eichi Tenshouin Hiyori Tomoe Izumi Sena Kanata Shinkai Kaoru Hakaze · Shiina-kun (椎名くん) · Hakaze-kun (羽風くん) Keito Hasumi Kuro Kiryu
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Sarumi is the slash ship between Saruhiko Fushimi and Misaki Yata from the K Project fandom. 1 Canon 1.1 Anime 1.2 K: Missing Kings 1.3 K: Return of the Kings 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia Saruhiko and Misaki first met in middle school when Misaki made many
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探索11727個與characters相關的e紳士標簽于喵紳士 – ex紳士關鍵詞漢化,好像有種閃閃發光的帥氣感飄散出來似地。兩邊的耳垂上有若干耳洞。有些顯舊的半開領襯衫旁叮叮當當掛著些銀飾,由廠商透過宅配或是一般貨運送達。

Yata the Ghoul Chapter 1, a K + Tokyo Ghoul/東京喰種 …

I saw Niki abusing Fushimi and when Fushimi tries to move out, Niki locked him in the house. I went to try and save Fushimi and but I might have, could have, may have, done something that I doubt you would agree. Something like killing and eating Niki. But I’m

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This is a full-resin water line kit of the 1941 gunboat Fushimi. Contains approximately 80 resin parts as well as additional photo-etched detail parts. 1/350 Scale Niko Model Ship Series: Japanese Gunboat Fushimi 1941 by Niko Models
Fushimi Niki「K」 – 伏見仁希 – Beiträge
Fushimi Niki「K」 – 伏見仁希. Gefällt 504 Mal. -Lost Small world- (ทางแอตม นกำล งแกะคาแรคเเตอร ย งไงก จะพยายามให ถ งท ส ดฮ บ)

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#k #k project #saruhiko fushimi #fushimi saruhiko #lost small world #fushimi niki #fushimi kisa #art #in specific got their outfits from th first contact manga extra! #i hope my hatred for sarus parents didnt show within th art itself a h #n ty for not pressuring me or
The Clan
 · It is implied that Saruhiko Fushimi and Izumo Kusanagi are both from branches of families like this, though it has not impacted the story yet. In Lost Small World , Saruhiko’s cousin Aya tells Misaki how Saruhiko’s father, Niki Fushimi, is something of an outcast in the family.