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No, they simply continued doing what they were good at: enslaving and murdering people for their own benefit, as they had already been doing for 900 years when the Assyrian genocide broke out. And what about the massacres of Bedr Khan which resulted in the deaths of over 20.000 Assyrians in Hakkari, Gzira and even Tur Abdin in the 19th century?

Protester insists Bashar al-Assad is a good man because …

There are plenty of good reasons to oppose Britain’s airstrikes on Syria…But most aren’t convinced by this particular woman’s reasoning. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is accused of war
These 5 Facts Explain Bashar Assad’s Hold in Syria
M ore than 4 million Syrians have been displaced by civil war—but Bashar al-Assad isn’t one of them. These five facts explain why Syria’s embattled president will remain in power. 1. Good

Why Iran is more at ease with Bashar al Assad than Russia

Iran has a longterm ideological and military aim that doesn’t require the Syrian regime to reform, or redeem itself. Simultaneous and cumulative pressures of the coronavirus pandemic, the global oil plunge and lingering conflict continue to afflict Syria, its economy, and the major actors involved in the Syrian civil war, not least Iran and Russia, the Bashar al Assad regime’s chief allies.
How Bashar al-Assad Became So Hated
Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad speaks at the Opera House in Damascus on January 6, 2013. (Reuters) The current president of Syria never aspired to be involved in politics.
Analysis: Why is Bashar al-Assad still in power?
 · President Bashar al-Assad acknowledged the rising volume of neighbouring uprisings, but he quickly dismissed them. “Syria is stable,” he said. “Why? Because In January 2011, citizens across Egypt and Tunisia began demonstrating against their governments.

Why Yarmouk’s takeover by ISIS is good news for Bashar …

 · Why Yarmouk’s takeover by ISIS is good news for Bashar al-Assad By Lina Khatib Published 11:20 AM EDT, Tue April 7, 2015 02:36 – Source: CNN Isis takes over Syrian refugee camp Editor’s Note

Inside Syria: Who is President Bashar Al-Assad?

 · Good Morning America Inside the ‘cyclone’ of brain fog many COVID-19 long-haulers are still experiencing One day, suddenly, Hannah Davis couldn’t read her latest text message.
10 years into Syrian revolution, no peace in sight
 · While President Bashar al-Assad has survived the war and remains in power, there is no solution in sight to restore peace and end the population’s suffering. Syria’s descent started with small
The Structure of Syria’s Repression
 · The good cop, ironically, was Bashar al-Assad himself. Educated in the West and an ophthalmologist by trade, he projected an image of benevolence, wearing blue jeans in public and, in a Vogue profile of his wife this past February, boasted of driving through Damascus without any security.

President al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad infected with …

Damascus, SANA- The Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic has announced that President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad are infected with the coronavirus, and they are in a good health and
Syria: US warns world powers to keep pressuring Assad
 · which started as street protests against President Bashar al-Assad. Thomas-Greenfield also said the elections, which are scheduled to be held in the summer, would not meet the criteria laid out in
Despot of deprivation
 · This was meant to have been a year of recovery for Bashar al-Assad. After nearly a decade of civil war, Syria’s dictator has all but defeated the rebels who tried to unseat him. He hoped one
Who Is Bashar al-Assad?
Bashar al-Assad waves from the balcony of al-Rawdha presidential palace in Damascus, March 2003, to Lebanese protesters. Sept. 9, 2013 — — intro: The eyes of the world, and the laser sights of

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Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the President of Syria, commander-in-chief of Syrian Armed Forces, General Secretary of the ruling Ba’ath Party and Regional Secretary of the party’s branch in Syria. In 2000 he succeeded Hafez al-Assad, his father, who had led Syria for 30 years until his death.
Bashar al-Assad
 · Bashar al-Assad (born September 11, 1965) [No, not The Onion] a.k.a. “The Duck Lion of Syria” is the current “president” of the Syrian Arab Republic and (not-coincidentally) head of the Syrian Ba’ath Party.Dubya used to outsource torture to him, and his knowledge of torture came from a literal Nazi, Alois Brunner, assistant to Adolf Eichmann.